Thoroughbred Herd In Colors!

The star of the show, yearling Jockey Club registered bay sabino colt, Tacuabe.
Tacuabe was sired by Bexx BaddBoyy, standing now in Oregon
Out of Artic Squaw, now retired, Tacuabe is likely her last foal.
Tacuabe has amazing potential as a future sire. His temperment is astoundingly calm and curious. His conformation is extremely correct and he has never even gone through that awkward colty stage.
Top off a very nice horse with gorgeous and rare color!
Tacuabe has excellent potential for siring performance horses. He has excellent angulation and extension.
We have gathered by careful selection for type, performance, and temperment quality mares including registered Jockey Club race winners and warmbloods. This roan mare is a former PMU rescue who I'm training for search and rescue.
Bexx's pedigree
Artic Squaw
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