September 2006.

Anafeja, near purebred Akhal Teke in action. Unedited, unprofessional video clips taken without warmups in September of 2006. Ana is a 15.2 hand metallic bay mare, 15 years old. She is sweet and fun for pleasure riding and trail riding. She probably wouldn't as do well in stressful competition or under rough handling.

Ana was bred to Guaranteed Gold, a jockey club registered cremelo Thoroughbred in July. She was checked in foal with a 50% chance of carrying to term. Guaranteed Gold

Anafeja in action:.


liberty AVI:

Ana at liberty, first time ever at this location. Notice the springy Akhal Teke trot.


leadrope AVI:

Ana being lead by leadrope around shoulders only. Tekes bond with their handlers and anyone deserving their trust.


walk AVI:

At the walk, doing circles. Ana gives and is cooperative, even though green.


trot AVI:

Trot is easy to sit at this speed. Of course, it could just be that the awesome trainer, Feder, from Uruguay and Argentina makes it look easy.


lope AVI:

Nice canter, although rarely used with us.


back AVI:

Ana backs - something we rarely practice.


cross creek AVI:

Ana follows Jessie across a creek on her first trail ride in this location. She is a joy to ride and is more confident with other horses at this stage.

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