Bryngyld Belgian Malinois

Bryn Fyre litter, born July 8, 2007.

Candy,1st born, 1st to investigate. Tenderfoot, 2nd born, right up there. Teddy, 3rd pup, sleepy on picture day
Thelma, 4th born, big and bold. Ray Ray, no. 5 Sweet little Ruby, no. 6
Loving Louise, 7th born Blueboy, big strong, 8th born Bjorn junior, no. 9

Getting CUTE!

Kitty cuddle.

Kittty loving mom, Ran.

Barely fitting around pan.

Meeting the chicken.

Sharing cheerios.

Chickens are boring... need a nap.

Bun Bun wants to meet the chicken.
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Bryngyld Belgian Malinois