Whachamathing is...
Fun Facts:
Some... thing, I found in my backyard. That was a couple weeks ago.  It tried to kill me when I tried to take its picture, so I put <this- instead.
Seriously... I have no idea what this thing is..
It moves around, so I'm pretty sure it's alive..
It's kinda squirmy... and wet sometimes
More about my pet:
Whachamathing lives in LA. It is very quiet and likes to lurk around in dark shadows. If you ever come to my house, make sure you look above the door before you enter or leave a room..
It likes to hide under my bed and follow me around.
It answers to "What the hell is that thing?!" now.
- being poked in the face

- cat food

- dog food

- water

- cameras
- trying to hide in socks

- creating camoflague out of materials it finds on the couch

- making interesting odors

- broccolli

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